Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I shop for my gown?

We usually recommend shopping at least 8-12 months ahead. Most wedding gowns take about 5-6 months to arrive when ordered. Therefore, it is ideal to have that much time, as well as allowing extra for any alterations your gown may need. Many gowns are available on a rush for additional charges, and we do sell some of our samples off the rack. Please inquire if your wedding date is close so we can better assist you.

What should I bring to my appointment?

We have strapless bras, bridal shoes and petticoats (slips) for you to try on with the gowns. As with any specialty garment, you will need to wear your own undergarments when trying on. Other things you may want to bring include photos of the style of gowns that interest you and one or two people to help you decide. It is important to bring someone whose opinion you value to help you decide what looks best on you.

Can I bring children to my appointment?

A child’s safety is our highest priority. Our store is not a safe or secure environment for small children. We are located on a very busy street and have displays that are intended for adult use only. If you decide to bring children, we expect that they will be either in a stroller or held while they are in attendance in our store. It is also required that you bring someone to keep an eye on the child at all times.

How many people should I bring to my appointment?

We recommend that you bring one or two people who are key in helping you choose your wedding gown. Since we are a small store, we are not able to accommodate large groups and generally find that too many people make it harder for you to chose a gown that YOU love. If you are bringing a group with you, we ask that you let us know ahead of time so we can try to accommodate your request.

Is picture taking allowed during gown appointments?

Some photographs may be taken, though they are limited if there are multiple brides. Be respectful.

What is the average price of a bridal gown at Something Blue?

Something Blue offers wedding gowns in every price range, and we do our best to work with every bride’s budget.

How often do you get new gowns?

We receive new gowns every week. Gowns are ordered throughout the year to ensure we have the most current collection of gowns in the Tampa Bay area. You are sure to be surprised by the diversity of our selections, as well as the prices.

How much time should I allow for ordering my bridesmaid dresses?

It is suggested to order them about 6 months prior to the wedding. This ensures the closest fit and allows time for alterations. Since we stock such a large sample selection, you are sure to find the perfect gowns available for any time of year. All bridesmaid dresses are available with a rush delivery option if you are in a hurry or have expectant bridesmaids.

How do I place orders for out of town bridesmaids?

Most bridal parties have at least one attendant out of town. We make ordering for these attendants simple and easy. To order, simply call us and we would love to talk to you. Be sure to check measurements with our measurement chart when selecting a size and that payment information is included. We will keep your order status updated to make this process convenient for you to check on at any time.

My plan is to lose weight before my wedding. Should I purchase a smaller sized gown than I presently wear?

This is not recommended. A gown is always easier to be taken in than let out. Generally, alterations cannot increase the size of a gown; they can, however, make a slightly loose gown fit perfectly.

Do you carry alternative sizes?

Our sample gowns, available for all brides to try on, range in size from 6-22, with most between 8-14. Bridal sizes typically run slightly smaller than standard sizes, so please keep this in mind when selecting a size. Most of our gowns are available in size 2-28+.

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